Recycled fertilizers from ashes and struvite

Recycled fertilizers from ashes and struvite

Fertilizers from sewage sludge ashes, bonemeal ashes and struvite

The goal of ICL Fertilizers is to replace the use of limited available mined phosphorus rock by phosphorus from sewage sludge ash, meat and bone meal ash, and wood ash and struvite. In 2025 25,000 tonnes per year of phosphorus from phosphate rock needs to be replaced by phosphorus from secondary raw materials.

With the proprietary technology of ICL Fertilizers insoluble phosphorus-rich ash (P205 content is about 30%) is converted through chemical conversion to soluble P205 and K20. This results in a fertilizer product, which is suitable to export to the European market.

Furthermore, ICL has acquired a new technology, RecoPhos, which makes it possible to recover high-grade phosphorus products from wastewater. The RecoPhos technology enables ICL to turn sewage sludge into white phosphorus or phosphoric acid. ICL aims to build four full-scale installations in Europe and the United States, of which the first will most likely be operational in 2018.


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