Phosphorus from wastewater in Amersfoort

Phosphorus from wastewater in Amersfoort

Omzetpunt Amersfoort, an ‘Energy and Resource Factory’

Water board Vallei en Veluwe has an ‘energy and resource factory’ since 2016 in Amersfoort. It’s the first wastewater treatment plant in the Netherlands producing recycled phosphorus that can be directly used in agriculture and horticulture.

The water board has turned the wastewater treatment plant into a ‘factory’ that produces energy and resources. Besides producing biogas from the wastewater sludge, phosphorus is recovered in the form of struvite. With the use of Pearl technology from Ostara, around 900 tonnes of high-grade fertilizers is produced yearly. The wastewater treatment plant, called Omzetpunt Amersfoort, has partly been made possible by a LIFE+ subsidy of the European Union.

The wastewater treatment plant produces a sufficient amount of energy to render it fully energy neutral, with a surplus that provides for the electricity needs of around 600 households. The energy produced in Amersfoort and Apeldoorn is used to also render the other 14 wastewater treatment plants in the control area of water board Vallei en Veluwe energy neutral.



Realised in 2016


Over €10 million with a  LIFE+ subsidy of the European Union


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