P-recycling marketing event at the International Green Week in Berlin

As a fruitful tradition, the Nutrient Platforms from Germany, Flanders and the Netherlands will again join their forces during the International Green Week 2015 in Berlin.

On Wednesday, the 21st of January, we take the next step towards a circular phosphate market. As we all know, recovered nutrients are already available and some farmers already have made positive experience! So let this be our message during the International Green Week, and raise awareness at THE fair where farmers from ALL OVER THE WORLD are presenting their products.

The International Green Week is the world’s largest exhibition for food and agriculture and takes place from 16-25 January 2015; www.gruenewoche.de 

21st January will be the date to raise awareness for recycled phosphate;

This will be a joint effort from the Flanders, German and Dutch P-platforms;

Hosted by the Dutch Embassy at the green and colorful garden of the Dutch pavilion;

Bring your P-exposure materials and marketing or missionary spirit;

We’ll be exposing all day P-products, the ‘phosphorus challenge’ animation film and other short films;

Every hour we’ll have open air ‘get together’ moments in the garden to pitch and discuss the advantages of secondary P products; Special Guests: To be announced

09.00: get-together and briefing
10.00: Startmarket exploration and plenary activities
18.00: Drinks @The Dutch Pavilion
21.30: Exploring the city of Berlin

In the tulip garden, with beach bar, sand sculpture, bitterballen, herring and cheese, all facilities will be available to bring people together, including a private room to make new green deals;
Any other suggestions to bridge the supply and demand gap are welcome!
Please register for this event at the latest of 16 January: bln-ienm@minbuza.nl
For any questions or suggestions: sanne.westra@minbuza.nl / +49 30 209 56 330