ESPP-WssTP joint statement on magnesium availability

ESPP and WssTP have just published a joint statement on magnesium availability for struvite precipitation as a route for phosphorus recycling.

Since dosing of magnesium ions is usually required as an input for phosphate recovery by struvite production, it is important to question whether this poses issues of possible scarcity of magnesium as a raw material. WssTP and ESPP have collated information and consulted concerned parties and conclude that the magnesium ions used for struvite production are not subject to scarcity, although there may be other cost or LCA issues.

It is also noted that magnesium is a necessary nutrient for plants, so that magnesium ions used in struvite production are not “lost” but are integrated into the struvite fertiliser product, where they can have an agronomic value if used appropriately.

Download het volledige statement hier.